Donate to support global UBI is very easy, just transfer funds you want to donate to GoodDollar Avatar Ethereum address
You have two options to donate to the project:
  • Direct Donation to Contracts: This option allows you to donate whatever asset to the GoodDollar Avatar contract. Only donated ETH or DAI will be automatically deposited in Compound contracts that will generate interest to back G$ forever. Other tokens can be transferred as well but will not generate value to UBI in an automated way, still, the funds are accessible only through GoodDAO governance. A user can donate from both centralized and decentralized wallets. Send your ETH or DAI to the following address: 0x06EAFc6749723583672Fc8f4451c8ec0E59F5798 Note: Money sent to this contract cannot be returned.
  • Giveth is a web3 Donation application, that uses #DeFi4Good mechanisms to incentivize donations and make them worthy and sustainable. You can donate directly on our GoodDollar Giveth Campaign.