This option allows you to stake DAI to generate interest, which you can donate to support GoodDollar. A user can stake DAI only from a web3 wallet, like MetaMask. Follow the below steps to stake DAI:


  • This can only be done from a web3 wallet such as Metamask.

  • You can always withdraw the staked money.

  1. Go to “Contracts” tab.

  1. Click on “Write contract”

  1. Now connect your wallet

  2. Go to “1. approve”.

Fill in the following information in the respective columns:

  1. User: 0xEa12bB3917cf6aE2FDE97cE4756177703426d41F

  2. Wei: Insert the amount you want to stake + 18 zeros (for example: 1 DAI = 1000000000000000000)

Note: You can simply approve 1 million DAI and stake as much as you’d like.

  1. Click the “Write” tab.

  2. Approve transaction on your web3 wallet

  3. Contract

  1. Write contract

  1. Go to “11. stakeDAI”

  2. This should look like the following screenshot.

  1. Under the “amount” blank, enter the amount you want to stake in WEI the number you want to stake + 18 zeros.

    1. Example - stake 1 DAI = 1000000000000000000

  2. Click on “Write”

  3. Approve the transaction

Unstake / Withdraw

  1. Now, go to the “Contract “ tab.

  1. Click on the “Write Contract” tab.

  2. Go to “15. withdrawStake”

  3. Click “Write”

  4. Approve transaction