Getting Started

How to install a local dev env in one click

This guide will walk you through how to install our learn project GoodBootstrap that will install all our sub projects: GoodServer , GoodContracts, GoodDAPP and GoodGun


Important: Use node version 10.15.x

Install truffle + ganache-cli

npm install -g truffle ganache-cli

Install build tools

# unix
npm install -g node-gyp
# windows
npm install -g --production windows-build-tools

Install python 2.7.*

Clone and install

Clone the repository and install dependencies

git clone
cd GoodBootstrap
npm i

This will create a git folder for dapp, server and contracts projects in the ./packages folder

make sure master branch is checked out.

if not run: npm run master-submodules

Set environment variables

Environment .env files

Default environment variables are set up in you can overwrite these variables by setting up .env which should include all required variables

Preferably copy to .env in all projects. contains reasonable defaults for using with pm2. Go over env.example to for more info. only works when using pm2, otherwise use .env

Update missing env

in folder packages/server edit

MONGO_DB_URI=<your local mongo>

Start Project

npm start

This will start the local blockchain, will wait 60 seconds for contracts to finish compile and deploy and then start the server+dapp that will be linked (npm link) to use the local version of the contracts package (that's why we need to wait for them to be deployed)

Start dev env

Usually when developing you'll want to change the env variables of the dapp+server which isnt very friendly with pm2 so you might consider starting the project as follows instead of the above

#on linux
npx pm2 start --only good-blockchain,good-gun
#alternatively on windows
cd packages/gun
npm start
#alternatively on windows
cd ../packages/contracts
npm start
#wait until contracts have been deployed (npx pm2 logs)
cd packages/server
npm run dev:local
#maybe on a new shell
cd packages/dapp
npm run web:local

Using a different blockchain network

  • contracts: add network in truffle-config.js and modify $NETWORK in .env

  • dapp: add network in src/config/config.js and modify $NETWORK in .env

  • server: add network in src/server/networks.js and modify $NETWORK in .env

Please note that both server and dapp must use the same blockchain network and the same @goodcontracts version.

If you are running a local blockchain make sure you start server+dapp after contracts finish deploying


Server side of the project is responsible to some actions that cannot be decentralized as creating a user, topping the wallet and sending confirmation emails.

Default environment variables are set up in you can overload this variables by setting up .env which should include all required variables

DAPP Unit Testing

# Web
$ npm run test:web
# Update Snapshots
$ npm run test:web -- -u
# Web watch mode
$ npm run test:web-watch
# Coverage - web
$ npm run coverage

Mobile Development Environment

If you want to connect with a mobile you'd need to make sure your services run with SSL (since webcrypto requires ssl).

The easiest option is to use by:

#If you use a local blockchain, change the .env variable
#Goodserver url
#then run
ssh -R <dappsubdomain>:80:localhost:3000 -R <serversubdomain>:80:localhost:3003 -R <chainsubdomain>:80:localhost:9545