Using GoodDollar

How do I claim G$ UBI?

Open GoodWallet or GoodDapp and click on “Claim”! Your newly claimed G$ will appear in your wallet. A countdown will indicate the time remaining until your next opportunity to claim.

Why do I have to wait for my next claim?

The claiming window resets every day at 12pm UTC. After you claim, you'll need to wait until the same time the following day to claim again. A countdown will indicate the time remaining until your next opportunity to claim.

How many G$ do I get every day (24 hours)?

While G$ is distributed every day, there is no way of knowing in advance how much a GoodDollar claimer will receive on any given day when making the claim. The distribution process depends on a daily basis. Within each 24-hour cycle, a specific amount of G$ is earmarked for distribution as basic income. The amount of G$ distributed is determined by the average number of active users over the past 14 days (with the number of claimers potentially varying each day). This daily allocation is distributed evenly, ensuring each claimer receives an equal share. Any unclaimed G$ is then rolled over to augment the distribution pool for the following day.

What blockchains and networks does G$ operate on?

GoodDollar is deployed on Ethereum, Fuse and Celo.

Daily distribution happens on sidechains: Fuse and Celo.

How do I move my G$ across blockchains and networks? What bridges are integrated?

G$ is deployed on Ethereum, Fuse and Celo. To Tranfer G$ from one chain to another one you need to use a bridge. In the GoodWallet you can find a bridge to move your funds from Fuse<>Celo.

How do I use my G$ in dApps?

The G$ token is a standard ERC-20 token that, to date, has been deployed on Ethereum, Fuse, and Celo Networks. You can use your G$ in different dApps within these ecosystems. You can find a list of dApps here.

Remember that if you want to use G$ from one chain in another, you will need to bridge them.

How do I move my G$ to another wallet?

You can send G$ to wallets compatible with the Fuse and Celo Networks, depending on the chain you're sending G$ from. However, sending G$ to wallets incompatible with these networks will result in the loss of your funds. To ensure compatibility, consult the wallet documentation of the respective wallets.

Sending G$ from one GoodWallet address to another GoodWallet address is always compatible.

To send G$ to another wallet, you just need the wallet address to which you want to send money.

If you want to send G$ from your GoodWallet:

  1. Make sure you are in the right Network where you want to send your G$. You can check and switch Network on the top left corner of your wallet.

  2. Select “send” in the left side of the big button “Claim”.

  3. Write the amount of G$ you want to send and select “send via address”

  4. Write the Wallet Address (remember make sure is compatible with Fuse or Celo)

  5. Follow the prompts and confirm your transaction.

Is G$ listed on exchanges?

G$ is available on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap on Celo Network or Voltage.Finance on Fuse.

Can I switch my GoodDollar registered account to a different blockchain address?

No, not at this time. Your GoodDollar registered account is linked to your proof of unique humanity, and is non-transferrable at this time.

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