About GoodDollar

What is GoodDollar?

GoodDollar is a permissionless protocol that creates and distributes free universal basic income (UBI) as a public good governed by its members. By leveraging blockchain technology, the mission of GoodDollar is to advance decentralized financial education, promote financial inclusion, and empower communities. GoodDollar strives to establish a global landscape where every individual has access to inclusive, basic economic assets and financial products. Launched in 2020, GoodDollar has emerged as the world's largest global UBI community, with over 750,000 members across 181 countries.

GoodDollar has been widely recognized as one of the leading projects fostering financial inclusion, acknowledged by prominent institutions such as the World Economic Forum, Milken Institute, and the Crypto Council for Innovation.

What is Universal Basic Income (UBI)?

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a concept where every individual in a society receives a regular and unconditional amount of money, regardless of their employment status, income level, or other criteria.

What is the vision and mission of GoodDollar?

GoodDollar’s vision is to leverage blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to provide universal basic income (UBI) to people around the world.

GoodDollar’s mission is gettin money where is needed the most, enabling anyone in the world with access to a smartphone to easily verify their unique identity and gain access to GoodDollar UBI, all while still maintaining the principles of one person, one UBI.

When was the project launched?

GoodDollar was released live to the public on September 1st, 2020. GoodDollar was originally founded in 2018 by Yoni Assia.

You say it's a non-profit, how is funded?

GoodDollar is a non-profit protocol - this means 100% of all tokens minted go to support the UBI ecosystem. There is no founder allocation, no private sale. 100% mission-driven.

Good Labs Foundation is the core developer behind the GoodDollar protocol, and its operations are funded by corporate donations. eToro Group, the social trading network, has funded the primary build of GoodDollar since 2019 as its core corporate social responsibility project. Good Labs is also grateful to all other institutional and private donors that have supported its work.

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