Passing face-verification

To claim free G$’s, you’ll need to go through a short Face Verification (FV) process to verify that you are a unique and live user. This is to prevent duplicate accounts and misuse of the system.

Here are some tips to successfully complete the face verification so you can access your GoodDollar wallet. That’s where the fun begins.

  • The face verification has strong requirements for image quality (e.g. image detail and color balance). Make sure your selfie is high-resolution (check your camera settings), not blurry, and has lots of light.

If you get the error message that your image “won't pass liveness check,” try these tricks:

  • Adjust the lights in the room you're passing FV. Your face shouldn't be overexposed or too dark, having pixel artifacts.

  • Clean your webcam lens using the special lens cleaning wipes (for digital cams) or LCD display cleaning wipes or at least with a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol.

  • Adjust your webcam settings. Make sure you are using the highest resolution setting possible.

  • Check your webcam connection. Some webcam models require a USB 3.0 or type C connection to provide the maximum resolution

  • Try using another webcam with a higher resolution (more megapixels) to pass the face verification step. You can also try using a smart phone camera (yours or a friends) to complete the step.

Can I change account Login Method for GoodWallet?

No, you can’t change your login method for GoodWallet. However, you can delete your wallet account and create a new one. Just make sure to transfer your G$ to another wallet before deleting the old wallet account so you don’t lose them.

If you need to do it, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new wallet account using a different log-in method.

  2. Do not click "claim" on the new account to avoid passing the Face Verification process. This wallet can still receive funds.

  3. Go to your profile in the new account and copy your new wallet address.

  4. Log out of your new wallet account.

  5. Log in to your old wallet account and send your G$ to your new wallet address.

  6. After you’ve confirmed the funds were sent successfully, go to the menu, select "Settings," and choose "Delete Account." Follow the prompts to confirm.

  7. You will get a message that your account is being deleted. Then you have to wait 24 hours . Wait 24 hours after deleting your old account. After waiting, go to your new account and hit “Claim”. It will then take you through the Face Verification process again

  8. You now have a new wallet account where you can claim everyday!

Please note that while doing this process, you will have to wait 24 hours, so you will miss a claim for one day.

Help! It says "I have a Twin"

If you are seeing this message, it is likely because you have created two GoodWallet accounts. Try to recall which other sign-up method you used in the past to create your account.

If this is the case, you will need to delete the new account you created. A helpful indicator of a new account is the absence of any transactions in the wallet. This indicates that you have never been able to claim from this wallet since you already have an existing one.

To delete an account in the GoodWallet, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the GoodWallet menu on the top right of your screen, select "Settings," and choose "Delete Account." Follow the prompts to confirm.

  2. You will get a message that your account is being deleted. Then you have to wait 24 hours

  3. You will get a message that your wallet account is being deleted. Wait 24 hours after deleting your old account to be able to claim on your other wallet account without encountering a twin error.

Lost access to my GoodDollar wallet

If you lose access to your account entirely, you can still access and claim from GoodDapp if you have exported your G$ wallet or possess the private key required for exporting your G$ wallet.

Delete my wallet account

To delete your wallet account, follow these steps:

  1. Open your GoodWallet and click on the menu icon located at the top right corner.

  2. Select “Settings” from the menu.

  3. Tap on “Delete Account” at the bottom of your screen.

  4. Confirm by tapping the red “Delete” button.

Before deleting your wallet account, ensure you've transferred your funds to another wallet to prevent loss.

After deleting your account, you may opt to open a new one. However, please refrain from attempting to claim or undergo face verification for at least 24 hours after deleting your previous account.

I have not received my rewards from inviting a friend

To check your invitee status, go to the Rewards section of your GoodWallet, located on the bottom left sidebar.

If your invitee is labeled as "Pending," it indicates that they have not yet made their first claim. Once they do, you'll receive your reward.

If you do not see your invitee listed, it means they haven't utilized your invite link or input your invite code during account creation. In such instances, kindly resend your link to your invitee and request them to navigate to their Referral screen, where they can paste your code into the designated field labeled "Use Invite Code”

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