What is GoodDapp?

GoodDapp offers tools and features for any EVM-compliant wallet to interact with the GoodDollar protocol.

GoodDapp is a dApp (decentralized application) interface that supports interacting with the GoodDollar protocol, including its core protocol Ethereum contracts. Key features include interacting with the GoodReserve on Ethereum, staking of G$ to access bonus G$ and GOOD rewards, and stake stablecoins in 3rd party protocols to support the issuance of G$. Also claim G$ through connecting their GoodDollar Verified Address to GoodDapp.

How can I stake for GOOD governance tokens on GoodDapp?

You can stake your G$ for GOOD tokens (GoodDollar governance token) on the 'Stake' tab of GoodDapp within the GoodDAO staking platform. Currently, the option to stake your G$ is only available on the Fuse Network.

You can use your GOOD tokens to vote on GoodDAO elections.

How can I swap G$ tokens on GoodDapp?

You can swap your G$ tokens on Fuse and Celo for other assets on the Swap tab of GoodDapp. The swap on this page happens through decentralized exchanges (DEXs). When you swap, your funds are sent directly to the DEX service (Voltage on Fuse Network or Uniswap on Celo Network).

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