What is GoodWallet?

A mobile-friendly, simple non-custodial wallet interface that facilitates GoodDollar claiming, onboarding, sending and receiving G$ tokens, as well as utilizing G$ tokens on sidechains.

Users of GoodWallet are provided with a new EVM-compliant wallet address upon initial sign-in.

What are the key features of GoodWallet?

Key features include onboarding via a non-custodial wallet, claiming G$, sending and receiving G$, inviting friends to GoodDollar, and connecting to other dapps.

Where can I find my private key?

Always remember that your private key is confidential and should never be shared. Sharing it could make you vulnerable to scams and put your wallet and funds at risk. Learn more here.

To find your private key in the GoodWallet:

  1. Navigate to the menu located at the top right corner of GoodWallet.

  2. Select "Export wallet" from the options.

  3. Your Private key can be found there. (Remember to never share your private key!)

Where can I find my Wallet Address?
  1. Click on “Receive” on your GoodWallet Home Screen.

  2. You will see My Wallet Address under the QR code.

  3. You can copy and paste your wallet address if needed by tapping the icon on the right of your address.

Where can I fin my Login Method?
  1. Navigate to the menu located at the top right corner of GoodWallet.

  2. Select "Profile" from the options.

  3. Scroll down and you will find your login method

How do I use the Invite Feature?

Easily invite your friends to join GoodDollar by sharing your referral link. You can locate your unique referral link by clicking on the "Rewards" button in the wallet toolbar on the bottom left, then in “Share Your Invite Link” clicking “Share” or the button of how you would like to share.

How to use the GoodWallet bridge?

A bridge is a tool built to move assets from one network to another.

One of GoodWallet’s features is an embedded bridge to move (”bridge”) G$ tokens seamlessly to and from Celo <> Fuse.

To use the bridge follow the next steps:

  1. Ensure you're connected to the network you intend to bridge your G$ from.

  2. Click on the icon positioned above the claim button and nestled between your Celo and Fuse balances.

  3. Choose the desired amount for bridging, then proceed and confirm.

  4. Please allow a few moments for the transaction to appear in your transactions tab and for your balance to be updated.

There are limits to the Microbridge: you may bridge up to 5M G$ per transaction, with a daily limit of 30M G$ per wallet. The fees to use the Microbridge are 0.15% per transaction, with a minimum fee of 10 G$ and a maximum fee of 1M G$.

How can I connect my wallet to other dapps?
  1. Within the desired Dapp, choose the "WalletConnect" option to connect with your GoodWallet.

  2. Open your GoodWallet.

  3. Verify that you are on the correct network (Celo or Fuse) you intend to connect to by looking at the upper left of your screen and tapping to switch networks.

  4. Access the menu positioned at the top right corner of GoodWallet.

  5. From the menu options, select "WalletConnect."

  6. Follow the prompts to link your wallet. Remember, after connecting to a Dapp, return to your GoodWallet to authorize transactions.

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