React Hooks Setup

We write our components in react-native-web so they are compatible with both web and mobile platforms.
We use the following packages for the web3 react experience:
  • native-base
  • react-native-web
  • useDapp
  • ethers
To use the react hooks SDK, you'll need to make sure you have the following installed:
yarn install @usedapp/core ethers react-native-async-storage/async-storage react react-native react-native-web
Then, you'll need to create a context provider which is a wrapper around useDapp context provider:
import { Celo, Fuse, Web3Provider, AsyncStorage } from '@gooddollar/web3sdk-v2'
import { Goerli, Mainnet } from '@usedapp/core'
const contractsEnv = "production"
return (<Web3Provider
pollingInterval: 15000,
networks: [Goerli, Mainnet, Fuse, Celo],
readOnlyChainId: undefined,
readOnlyUrls: {
1: '',
122: '',
42220: '',