Protocol V2

GoodDollar V2 refers to GoodDollar protocol smart contracts deployed in December 2021. PAY ATTENTION to confirm you are interacting with the correct and most current version of the smart contracts.


GoodDollarV2 is a smart contract upgrade that enables core functions for the GoodDollar protocol to scale.

This blog post provides an overview of what V2 does and why it matters to you and the world.

  • GoodDollar leverages yield farming and liquidity mining rewards to encourage capital to flow towards the protocol, enabling the sustainable generation of UBI.

  • V2 is a smart contract upgrade to expand functionality and open-source launch of a protocol user interface, deployed by community members.

  • V2 enables members to stake in Compound or Aave and earn #GoodRewards while at the same time funding #CryptoUBI for all.

  • Now, members can buy and sell G$ directly in the GoodDollar Reserve, a key feature that enables the economy to scale.

  • V2 introduces a new governance model with the launch of the community-owned GoodDAO, which will determine the protocol’s future direction.

What you can do in V2:

Stake for GoodDollar UBI and earn rewards

  • Stake your stablecoins using GoodDollar Trust

  • Get benefits from the Liquidity Rewards Scheme

Interact directly with GoodDollar Reserve

  • Swap any ERC-20 token in exchange for G$

  • Earn G$X by buying G$ from the reserve, a token that enables users to sell to the GoodReserve without penalty.

Community governance via GoodDAO

  • Community governance for all smart contract upgrades

  • Claim GOOD allocation based on snapshot results and ongoing distribution

  • Integrate Your Protocol with GoodDollar and assign G$ rewards

Developer Tools

  • Contribute with GoodDollar repository and security and hunt some bounties.

  • Integrate your Protocol with GoodDollar (coming soon!)

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