Helper contract for UBIScheme. Manually funded by the Foundation to give 1G$ for "inactive" users when they claim.

Since a new user (inactive) becomes active and eligible to claim UBI only in the next UBI epoch. So new users will not go empty-handed on their first claim we give out a 1G$.


Start function. Adds this contract to identity as a feeless scheme. Can only be called if scheme is registered.

function start() public;


Sets the whitelisted ubi scheme.

Parameter nameAnnotation


The new UBI scheme to be whitelisted.

Can be executed only by the Avatar.

function setUBIScheme(address _ubi) public;


Sets the claim amount.

Parameter nameAnnotation


The new claim amount.

Can be executed only by the Avatar.

function setClaimAmount(uint256 _claimAmount) public;


Transfers claim amount to the given account address. Only the whitelisted UBI scheme can call this method.

Parameter nameAnnotation


The address which recieves the claim amount.

Returns: the amount that was transferred to the given _account.

function awardUser(address _account) public returns (uint256);


Making the contract inactive after it has transferred funds to _avatar. Only the Avatar can destroy the contract.

function end() public;

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