Has permissions to collect interest from the staking contracts and permissions to tell GoodMarketMaker to mint. Anyone can trigger the collection and minting process.



Emitted when admin sets the reward for particular staking contract.

Parameter nameAnnotation


The amount of rewards per block that should be distributed.


An address of the staking contract.


The number of block from which the distribution starts.


The number of block from which the distribution ends.


Answers the question: is the staking contract allowed to mint the rewards.

event StakingRewardSet(
    uint32 _rewardsPerBlock,
    address _stakingAddress,
    uint32 _blockStart,
    uint32 _blockEnd,
    bool _isBlackListed


Emitted when admin sets the gas cost for G$ minting.

Parameter nameAnnotation


The amount of gas it costs for minting G$ reward.

event GasCostSet(uint256 newGasCost);


Emitted when admin sets the number that is used in a calculation of time after collectInterest method call.

Parameter nameAnnotation


This number is used in a calculation that should determine how much time should pass after collectInterest method called.

event CollectInterestTimeThresholdSet(uint256 newCollectInterestTimeThreshold);


Emitted when admin sets the multiplier.

Parameter nameAnnotation


This amount is used in determination of how much times larger should be collected interest than spent gas when collectInterestTimeThreshold did not pass.

event InterestMultiplierSet(uint8 newInterestMultiplier);


Emitted when admin sets the gas cost for G$ minting.

Parameter nameAnnotation


The new gas cost for required transactions after collecting interest in collectInterest function. The aim of this is to know if caller has enough gas left to keep collecting interest.

event GasCostExceptInterestCollectSet(uint256 newGasCostExceptInterestCollect);


Converts cDai tokens to GD tokens and updates the bonding curve params. The buy occurs only if the G$ return is above the given minimum. It is possible to buy only with cDAI and when the contract is set to active. MUST call to cDAI approve prior this action to allow this contract to accomplish the conversion.

Parameter nameAnnotation


The amount of cDAI tokens that should be converted to G$ tokens.


The minimum allowed return in G$ tokens.


Address of G$ and GOOD recipient if different than msg.sender.

Returns: How much G$ tokens were transferred.

function buy(
    uint256 _tokenAmount,
    uint256 _minReturn,
    address _targetAddress
) external returns (uint256);


Collects UBI interest in iToken from a given staking contract and transfers that interest to the reserve contract. Then transfers the given G$ which received from the reserve contract back to the staking contract and to the bridge, which locks the funds and then the G$ tokens are been minted to the given address on the sidechain.

Parameter nameAnnotation


An array of staking contract addresses from which contracts to collect interest.


The boolean flag, that if it is set to true, it'll collect interest even if threshold is not passed, but won't reward caller with gas refund and reward itself.

function collectInterest(
	address[] calldata _stakingContracts,
	bool _forceAndWaiverRewards
) external;


The function gets interest informations of staking contracts in the sorted array. By highest interest to lowest interest amount.

Returns: An array of struct instances. The struct explained below.

Field nameAnnotationField type


Staking contract address which interest will be collected.



Interest amount that staking contract has.



Collected interest amount so far including the contract to which the stuct instance belong.



Spent gas amount so far including this contract.



Max gas amount that can spend to collect this interest according to interest amount.



Bool that indicates if max gas amount larger or equal to actual gas needed.


function calcSortedContracts() public view returns (InterestInfo[] memory);


This function mint to users reward tokens which they earned by staking contract.

Parameter nameAnnotation


Reserve token (currently can be just cDAI).


User to get rewards.

function mintReward(address _token, address _user) public;

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