3. The Trust

The aim of the GoodDollar Trust is to generate an ongoing flow of money into the GoodDollar Reserve. What we refer to as the GoodDollar Trust is in actuality a collection of trust funds, or staking contracts, that “wrap” third-party deposit-taking DeFi protocols. Each protocol and token has a separate trust fund. For example, Compound DAI is one trust fund; Compound ETH is another; and Aave DAI will be a third.

Each separate trust fund takes the interest generated by staked assets in the protocol it wraps and donates this to the GoodDollar Reserve, for the support of crypto UBI generation. As a reward for their commitment, stakers have the option of receiving a sum of newly minted G$ tokens. They can either withdraw these tokens, at which point they will be minted, or opt not to.

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